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Why Personalized Cups Are Always A Promotional Hit | Oahu

Why Personalized Cups Are Always A Promotional Hit | Oahu

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Personalized drinkware has always ranked in the top five of promotional marketing items. By distributing these simple, everyday items that everyone uses, you can build an effective marketing strategy. There are many reasons why personalized cups make such an impact for your branding event.

Reasons to Opt for Personalized Cups

When it comes to deciding on how to spend your promotional budget, there are many great reasons to choose personalized drinkware.

Personalized Cups Make Great Gifts

Giving gifts is just a part of business. You want to let your audience know that you appreciate them for their part in your business success. Why not give a gift that will delight the recipient and give back to your company over and over?

If you are looking for something to give, personalized cups offer mass appeal. They make a perfect present for your valued customers, as well as for special employees you wish to recognize. Personalized drinkware is appropriate for all genders, ages, and occasions. If you invest in only one promotional gift item, you will get the most return for your money from promotional drinkware.

They Are Long-Lasting, Useful Items

Most people have a collection of cups from a variety of events. They are sturdy, so they will be around after other promotional items have been tossed away. Everyone uses drinkware every single day, so chances are your logo is going to get seen by several people every few days for a long time.

Your Brand Gets Noticed with Every Drink

Every time someone fixes a beverage in one of your personalized cups, your logo is right there in their face. It is a subtle commercial for your brand every time a drink is fixed, and not just for the one using it.

When people have visitors to their home, they will invariably offer them something to drink. Each time they fix someone else a drink in one of your promotional cups, you get twice the brand exposure at no extra cost.

Cost-Effective Brand Awareness

You have a lot of options for your promotional products in Oahu. You want to be smart with your promotional budget, so you will want something that is inexpensive to purchase yet packs a strong message. To make the most of your advertising money for your next promotion, consider the advantages of personalized cups.

Think of personalized drinkware as your best option for high return on investment. The product itself is inexpensive, especially when compared to traditional marketing campaigns. For a fraction of what a billboard or other conventional marketing method would cost, you can reach dozens of people with every single cup.

There Are a Variety of Options to Fit Your Brand

You have a wide range of choices for your personalized drinkware today. Think about your brand and who it appeals to mainly. Consider how your audience will use their cups daily. Then you can pick personalized cups that will reflect your branding style.

Your promotional drinkware can be as simple or elaborate in design as you choose. You can go with an understated theme with a single color design. Or you can employ full-color printing of intricate logo designs for a jolt of added excitement.

Once you have decided on your design scheme, it is time to decide on what kind of cups your audience would enjoy the most. The more they like the kind of cup, the more often they will reach for it.

Would your clients and employees get more use out of a cup for hot or cold beverages? You can choose from plastic cups, water bottles, tumblers, and mugs. Or you can upgrade to stainless steel water bottles, thermoses, and insulated tumblers. Your hot beverage lovers will love the selection of ceramic mugs, including traditional, bistro, and camp style. There are even mugs with cork bottoms and the massively popular Yeti products to choose from, as well. You can even opt for personalized glassware. Put your logo on trendy Mason jars for an exciting promotional option your audience will love.

Choosing the Right Printing Company

Now that you’ve decided to order personalized cups for your next tradeshow or promotional event, it is time to choose your printing company. There are a few guidelines to picking a promotional printer that can grow with your business.

Make Sure They Have Experience

Your business needs skilled printing now. You don’t have time to work with a new printing company that is still figuring things out. Choose a printing company that has been in business long enough to have already learned a lot of important lessons on the job, so you can get the job done right the first time.

Choose a Printing Company with a Wide Selection of Products

Most printing companies offer several promotional items for your next event. But if you plan to stay in business for a while, you want to make certain you choose a printing company that can grow along with you. You may only need some cups for this event, but what about your future events? As your business expands, you want to have a printing company behind you that offers a wide range of promotional products.

Check Their Customer Reviews

Before you commit to doing business with a printing company, check to see how satisfied other local customers have been with their work. You can visit the company’s website for customer reviews or ask them to give you references from local clients. However you choose, make sure you are not getting into a problematic situation.

You deserve a printing company that can fulfill your promotional dreams. In Oahu, that is RPA Hawaii. With a comprehensive selection of promotional products, we can help you spread your brand awareness to everyone at an affordable price.

Contact us today at RPA Hawaii to find out more about our full line of promotional items, including personalized cups and drinkware, on the beautiful island.