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How Promotional Items Can Benefit Your Brand

How Promotional Items Can Benefit Your Brand

Whether you are looking to establish your brand’s presence in the market, or are looking to attract customer loyalty, there are many reasons why promotional items can help you achieve the results you seek. Of course, with the myriad of available options, it can be difficult to decide which promotional items will work best for your brand in particular, but, when all has been said and done, most, if not all, promotional items will help you get one step closer to your intended goal. With this in mind, you might be wondering what benefits your brand might garner from an investment in promotional items. In this article, we will cover those benefits in a very general manner, in order to help you form a larger picture of what these gifts are all about. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

They Give a Boost to Your Brand’s Visibility

By gifting your existing and potential clients with items that they can use, they will keep your brand in the public eye each time they use them. Some of the most popular promotional gifts to boost visibility include T-shirts, cups, pens, and notepads, among others. These items are also immensely popular and useful to the recipient. So, when you are looking to make your brand and business more visible, you can consider using these gifts to ensure you get constant publicity.

They Improve Customer Retention and Loyalty

Customers are loyal to specific brands because they receive the value that goes beyond great products or services. When they receive promotional gifts from your brand, they are made to feel like you care about them, regardless of whether they are purchasing from you at the moment, or not. By reminding them that they are an important part of your business, your customers will keep returning to you instead of looking elsewhere.

They Help Generate New Leads

Gifting potential customers with useful items can turn them into solid leads that will be easier to close. This is because whenever they require the type of services or products you offer, they will already be familiar with your logo and have your contact information handy, so it is very likely you will be the first business they will call, giving you a golden opportunity to turn them into closed sales.

They are Cost Effective

Considering the return over investment of promotional products, it is no wonder they are one of the best marketing strategies available. Traditional forms of advertisement can be quite expensive, leaving smaller businesses and startups without many choices for effective marketing. On the other hand, promotional gifts are quite affordable and can serve as advertising for several months, as they are used by those who have received them.

They Improve Your Relationship with Your Customers

As we mentioned above, people love to feel they are important to others. By choosing thoughtful promotional gifts for your existing customers at certain times of the year, such as remembering their birthday, or the winter holidays, you will be able to keep them engaged with your brand. This will lead to word-of-mouth recommendations among their friends and family, which, in essence, works as free marketing. Good items for this goal are calendars, birthday or holiday cards, apparel, and other somewhat personal gifts.

It Boosts Confidence in Your Brand

When you are just starting out, people may doubt your brand’s authenticity, but promotional products are a great way to create confidence in the goods and services you offer. These items turn your brand into something tangible, something they can trust and turn to whenever they require your services. This helps increase and sustain their engagement and can lead to referrals and recommendations that will eventually become sales.

They Give You an Advantage Over Your Competitors

While your competitors might be using other forms of marketing, gifting your customers with promotional products will give them the feeling they are being rewarded for being loyal to your brand. This works similarly to positive reinforcement. Yes, you know these items are part of a marketing strategy, but to your customers, these gifts will be a prize. This will provide them with a sense of well-being that other forms of marketing could never achieve, which gives you an advantage over what others are attempting to do.

They Give You the Exposure You Need for a Longer Time

One of the greatest features of promotional products is that they can go anywhere the recipient goes. For example, if you gift your customers with T-shirts that have your logo and contact info printed on them, they will have the same effect as a walking billboard wherever your customer goes while wearing them. The same stands true for pens, notepads, and other similar items. This means that your exposure to the public will last much longer than other forms of marketing. A single promotional gift will reach more people than just the intended recipient, which makes them such an effective form of marketing. Making your customers feel special and important while allowing them to carry out a marketing campaign for your brand, is possibly one of the best reasons for investing in promotional products to increase your brand’s visibility in more ways than you had originally thought. With the sheer number of promotional gifts available these days, it is certain you can find the perfect combination of items to help you run a successful marketing campaign.

When you are looking to promote your brand in a creative and thoughtful manner, you should head directly to RPA Hawaii, your one-stop provider for the best selection of promotional gifts on the island. At RPA Hawaii, we are happy to help you select and customize promotional products that will generate awareness of your brand and customer loyalty. So, now that you are ready to gain even more visibility for your brand and business, simply pick up your phone and give us a call today!

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Ways In Which Personalized Cups Can Help You Attract New Customers

Ways In Which Personalized Cups Can Help You Attract New Customers

More and more brands have started using personalized gifts as a way to increase brand awareness and attract more customers that can eventually translate into sales. But, with all the types of marketing gifts available, it can be difficult to decide which one to choose for your customer base. In this article we will take a look at how personalized cups can help you increase awareness of your brand, create more loyal customers, and draw in new potential customers that you can then convert to sales. We will also talk about when using personalized cups is appropriate and who should receive them. Let’s get started.

They Will Remind Your Customers About You Every Time They Use Them

One of the best things about using personalized cups to raise brand awareness is that they are an item people will use continuously. Whether they bring them home or keep them at their office, cups get used often. The beauty of this constant use is that every time your customer or anybody in their immediate circle uses the cup they will remember you and your business. If the cups are personalized beyond just your logo or contact information, they will be able to call the attention of potential customers that will end up asking the original recipient of your gift a number of questions about your brand, which can lead to a solid referral by your existing customer. Keep in mind that word of mouth is still a powerful marketing technique, so an interesting cup can result in an almost free campaign.

They are a Handy Way to Ensure Your Contact Information is Always Available

Business cards tend to get lost, put away in a drawer and forgotten, and even given away to other people, which can result in their original holders forgetting your contact information. A professionally customized cup that is used consistently by your client is a great way to keep your contact information in full view of your customer and anybody else who sees it. Because customized cups are also good attention grabbers, they will also have the ability to focus a viewer’s attention to your brand, which is another good way to get your brand into the public’s view.

They Make Thoughtful Gifts

Everybody loves it when they feel somebody cares and thinks about them. By gifting your customers with a cup that has been personalized with your brand, it will make them feel they are special to you. A small gift will give them a sense of importance, which then turns into loyalty. Studies have found that people who are made to feel special by a brand will remain loyal to that brand even when there are other similar ones in their area. A loyal customer who is made to feel as if they matter to your business will always be one who will recommend you to anybody they know could require your products or services. This sense of loyalty can be increased even more when you add a personal detail to the cup, such as filling it with chocolates or any other type of candy. It quite literally sends a message that says “We care deeply about you and appreciate your business”. The ROI (return over investment) you will get in this specific case will always be tenfold, which makes it a great marketing technique.

They Will Last a Long Time

Because cups are usually made out of long-lasting materials, such as plastic or ceramic, it will be difficult for them to be ignored for long. Other promotional gifts will tend to get used for a very short time and then forgotten. Pens can get lost, post-it notes will run out, and other items may end up at the bottom of a drawer. But cups will get used for a long time, over and over, resulting in your business remaining at the forefront of the user’s mind.

When Should They Be Used?

Because of the outstanding effect of gifting a customized cup, they should only be used on special occasions. They will make great gifts at the end of the year, as a type of holiday gift, or as part of a special promotion, such as when a customer spends a certain amount of money on your products or services. This will make the customer feel like they did something good and are getting rewarded for it, which is also another way to boost brand loyalty.

Who Should Get Them?

Because cups are intended to make your customers feel special, they should normally be gifted to your existing customers. Standing on a street corner handing out cups is not only not cost effective, but also counterproductive. For the general public, there are other promotional products that are not as costly and can produce a more effective reaction. A customized cup should be saved for a customer that keeps returning to your business and has remained loyal to your brand. This will make the investment well worth it. Cups can also be gifted to suppliers, because it lets them know that they are also an important part of your business, and by staying in their thoughts, you might end up getting a nice discount down the road, or some other form of reward, which can help increase your profits. A gift of this type can also lead to your suppliers providing you with great promotions, industry updates, and even to give you some nice gifts in return, so don’t forget to include them in your list of those who will be receiving a cup personalized with your brand contact information.

At RPA Hawaii we are invested in helping you create a successful marketing campaign that helps you grow your business while maintaining the loyalty of your existing customers. So, if you are looking for the most professionally printed, colorful, and targeted personalized cups you will ever find, simply pick up your phone and schedule an appointment with the experts at RPA Hawaii today!

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Connecting With Your Web Presence Using Brand Products

Connecting With Your Web Presence Using Brand Products

Wherever your brand roams, attached to beautiful, functional brand products, it should be memorable as always, and also connectable to your web presence. You might simply have a consistent naming convention that people can search for online. There might be a URL or QR code for easy access by tech-savvy people. You might even include social media cues like hashtags. At RPA Hawaii, we bring your message forth and connect you with the people you want to reach, IRL or virtually, which means in the tangible world, or online. Whether your brand is brought to the world on convenient items for the table, business accessories that are handy for your clients, or other unique items, let them be the starting point. With solid connections to your important web presence, they’ll serve as long-lasting pointers to be followed back to you!

Searchable Name

Have you ever caught a glimpse of an interesting business as you passed by in a vehicle, and made a note of the name or even searched for it online right away? The connection between the physical world and the virtual world established by consistent naming is essential. It might be tempting to adjust your name to fit on a product you’re sharing for brand recognition, but remember this connection. Your unique name is your connection, and shortening it, making it more generic, or otherwise reducing the connection with your website naming can reduce search results.

Unique Offerings, Connected with Your Company

In addition to ever-popular hydration bottles, glassware, binders, and other brand products we produce, we also offer unique mugs, coasters, key chains, and other collectibles that gain value with your name on them. In fact, as your business grows in popularity, these items may be proudly retained by people as evidence that they’ve had the foresight to check you out already! That’s the power of your name, and your logo, along with products associated with your business type, and colors that fit your brand style. You can probably think of iconic brands that use this connection especially well, such as an insulating sleeve. Add the canned drink logo plus matching color scheme, and there will be a cachet of “cool” as well as name recognition.

QR Codes and URLs

Tech shortcuts to your website may not be right for fine glassware, but they definitely have their place on many of the brand products we create. Add a carefully sized and placed URL or, if your target demographic is tech savvy, a QR code they can quickly scan with their smartphone to visit your site. In some markets, these types of direct connections are almost expected on promotional products and advertising. You’ll see them on TV commercials, billboards, in all sorts of media that may surprise you! They make it easy to find out more even when people only have a moment to scan the code before they’ve passed by, or the commercial is over.

Blending with Your Customized Item’s Styling

When your brand is part of a product you’re sharing, make the product your own! With the right styling and item selection, we can create a natural look that looks like an extension of your product line. After all, how many items with soft drink branding are clearly part of the image, such as beach towels, hats, and mugs? They don’t bring you a refreshing drink, but they sure do make you think of one! We can help you select and customize items that have a great association with your industry and your target demographic.

Make It Memorable

How do you make your messaging memorable on our great products? We’re glad you asked. People love to align with brands they love, and ones that have meaning or utility for them. Give them a way to connect with you, both through easy website association and a unique presentation, and you’re remembered. The message is more than words, it’s style, and our RPA Hawaii team can bring it together.

Your Message Has Longevity

In many homes, memorable items with product associations stay in use for years. Hats, coasters, mugs, all have utility as well as a message, and if your message is stylish, people see it as something that fits in their home or office. Consider it a lifestyle message, or one that calls your brand message to mind, not just a vehicle for the words printed on it. Hats and T-shirts are especially popular, and people often wear them as conversation starters to connect with others who are excited about your brand. With your name on hand into the future, you can see why keeping the consistent connection with your website branding pays off, even years later. If you’re at a resort, or a great restaurant, you may get site visits from off-island when people are reminiscing, and later planning a return visit. Keep the connection, and see what happens!

Do You Speak Design Language?

An important part of getting your message to your target audience is creating a natural styling that fits beautifully on our brand products. We can help with that, using your brand styling as a basis for selecting the right imprint and product type. You’ll be amazed at how a certain energy develops when the message arrives in a well-designed fashion. Even details like orienting your logo vertically to catch attention, or repeating it in a pattern can add power to your brand in these long-lasting products. Let our experienced team of design experts help you adapt your message to our media!

Your customized product from our extensive selection of possibilities can be a long-lasting pointer back to your web presence and current marketing messaging, even years later. Let our RPA Hawaii team help you create unique items that people will keep, enjoy, and use to quickly catch up with your latest products, services, and experiences. Call today and we’ll make it happen for you!

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How To Align Promotional Products With Your Business Goals

How To Align Promotional Products With Your Business Goals

Promotional products are an effective and cost-efficient way to get your business’s message out. They can help you reach more customers and grow your business if done right. But how do you ensure the products you select align with your business goals? Here are tips for ensuring your chosen advertising products will help you succeed.

Understand How the Product Aligns with Your Overall Objectives

One of the most important things is understanding how the product aligns with your objectives. What you’re trying to accomplish and how this particular item can help you reach those goals. Think about what kind of message you want to convey with the item; is it meant to reward customers for loyalty? Is it meant to promote a new product launch? Is it meant to build brand awareness? Once you clearly understand the goal, you can start looking into the types of promotional products that will best achieve those objectives. You want to ensure the product will resonate with your target audience and help you reach those objectives.


When it comes to promoting your business, it’s important to have a clear strategy in mind. And that includes being mindful of your budget. While it may be tempting to go all out with expensive marketing campaigns and flashy advertising products, the truth is that it’s not always necessary to spend a fortune to get the results you’re after. By taking a thoughtful and intentional approach to your products, you can align them with your overall business goals in an affordable and effective way. However, ensure you allocate enough funds for quality promotional materials so they don’t look cheap when they arrive in consumers’ hands (or on their desks). It’s important that whatever item you decide on reflects positively on your company – if not, it could do more harm than good.

Think About Visibility

One thing all promotional products have in common is visibility—the more people see it, the more effective it is. When choosing a product, think about how visible it will be when being used by customers or handed out at events and conferences—will most people be able to see it? For example, if you’re handing out t-shirts as part of a promotion but they only come in one color, this could limit their visibility compared to if they were available in multiple colors or patterns. The latter will stand out more easily against other objects in the environment where they’re worn/used/seen. When considering products, always consider how visible they will be.

Establish Brand Guidelines

The number one goal for any business should be creating strong brand recognition by ensuring its logo is visible on all its products and services. Ensure that all design elements adhere to established brand guidelines for consistency across all aspects of marketing and branding efforts. Elements like logo size & placement and font style/size should remain consistent. Many companies offer customization options for adding logos or text onto many different items; take advantage of these services if possible. With a strong set of brand guidelines in place, you can avoid any inconsistencies that could damage your products’ overall effectiveness and perception.

Think Quality

When it comes to advertising products, you want to ensure you’re selecting quality items. Low-quality products could reflect poorly on your business, so it’s important to choose well-made and durable items that will likely be used for a long time. Not only will this help build brand awareness, but it can also give customers the impression that you care about providing quality products. Your business goal should always be to provide something that is both useful and aesthetically pleasing.

Track Results

Do you know if your products are effectively supporting your business goals? One way to ensure alignment is by tracking your results. You must track the results of marketing campaigns involving advertising products to measure their effectiveness and determine ROI (return on investment). For example, keep track of how many people redeemed codes associated with their items or how many comments were made about them on social media so that you can determine whether it was worth investing in those particular giveaways or not. Without tracking, you may unknowingly be wasting time and resources on ineffective tactics.

Measure Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an important part of any successful promotion, so make sure that whatever items you give away are useful and interesting enough for customers to use after receiving them. Ask recipients for feedback after they’ve had time to test their new gifts. This will give you valuable insight into whether they liked them and if they would recommend them to others as well. Measuring customer satisfaction differs from tracking results in focusing more on the customer experience and how well they felt about the products. Overall, by measuring customer satisfaction, you can better understand the preferences and needs of your target audience and ensure that your products meet their expectations. This will not only increase customer retention but also help to drive sales and revenue in the long term.

Leveraging promotional products can be an effective way to promote your business while staying within budget constraints. Used correctly, they can bring tremendous value and increase your brand’s visibility while helping achieve specific goals, whether increasing customer loyalty or expanding brand recognition among target audiences. Remember – when considering advertising products, ensure they align with your business goals, select quality items, and track results to measure effectiveness. Doing so will increase your products’ success and give you invaluable data that can be used to improve future campaigns.

Need Products for Promotional Purposes? We are Here to Help!

At RPA Hawaii, we offer a wide selection of advertising products that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Our experts will work with you to ensure your chosen items are exactly what your target audience wants. Contact us today, and let’s get started.

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