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Build Your Brand With Exciting Restaurant Products And Promotional Ideas | Honolulu

Build Your Brand With Exciting Restaurant Products And Promotional Ideas | Honolulu

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Starting a new business is one of the most exciting times in your life. However, it is not without its challenges. In a world that struggles to adapt to new rules for restaurants, you need to set your business apart from the rest. A great way to draw attention to your new eatery is to invest in professional promotional printing ideas.

With eye-catching restaurant products, you can introduce the world to your business. Your promotional printing professional in Honolulu can work with you to design a logo that sends a message to your audience. They can help you develop a voice of your own so you can create your brand. This can help you stand out even in a heavily-populated market.

Why High-Quality Printing for Your Restaurant Products Is So Important

It is simply not enough to slap the name of your business on a sign and flip over the open sign. Your restaurant needs to have a personality and atmosphere that entices diners to give it a try. Not only do you need a professional in charge of your promotional plans, you need to make sure you have an expert in charge of the printing itself.

Your restaurant products and promotional items are supposed to send a message to potential customers of the quality of your eatery. If you opt for cheap products from a business that offers printing as a sideline, you may unfortunately get what you paid for in terms of quality.

If you choose inferior restaurant products, you risk sending the wrong message to your potential customer base. Always pick products that will reflect the quality standards you promote in your kitchen. Then your customers will get a clear message of the high standards you adhere to in your business.

Exciting Print Marketing Ideas to Promote Your New Restaurant

Whether your restaurant is new or not, it can be difficult to choose what to do to promote it. You have a lot of options for introducing your business and keeping it fresh on the minds of your audience.

Check out these ideas for your restaurant products and let your imagination soar!

Opening Day Banners

You only get one opening day! Make the most of it with opening day banners that catch the eye.

You can use banners in several different ways to introduce your new restaurant. A big main banner should be easy for people to see from a good distance. It is the perfect chance for you to display your logo and is quite effective placed atop your building.

But don’t stop there! Let the anticipation of your opening day have customers waiting at your door. You can let your potential customers know that your restaurant will be moving in with “grand opening” and “coming soon” banners. They can help create the buzz a new business needs to thrive in today’s economy.

Opening banners can also help you advertise for your workforce. Use “now hiring” banners to let everyone know ahead of time what positions you will have available. That way, you can have your crew ready to go by the time you open.

Promotional Postcards and Flyers

Some restaurant owners choose to forgo a big opening day event. If this is you, don’t worry. You can still introduce yourself to your customer base, so they know to be ready when you open.with promotional flyers and direct mail postcards. They offer an inexpensive way to say hello and invite people to visit. The postcards can be mailed in bulk and the flyers can be distributed at shopping malls and plazas in your area.

Promotional print for your eatery also provides the opportunity to offer your customers a first time coupon or discount. You can easily track the success of your direct mail promotions by using an offer code on your postcards.


Menus are of the essential restaurant products, no matter what kind of dining experience you offer. But if you stop with the standard dine-in menu, you are missing out on some excellent opportunities to get the word out to the community.

Yes, the traditional menu still has its place.It offers ample space to display your logo and branding. Make sure you choose a pleasing theme that fits with your company’s brand, so you reinforce what sets your restaurant apart. Plus, when you choose laminated menus, your servers can easily clean and sanitize them for the next round of customers.

There are so many other ways to make it easy for your customers to reach you for service. You can place a big menu board at your counter that is easy for your takeout customers to read. In addition, you can make it easier for your to-go customers to place their phone orders by making sure there are plenty of paper takeout menus at the counter and exits. And make certain your counter workers are putting one in each order before it leaves the restaurant. Phone orders can streamline your takeout business, so make it as easy as possible for your customers to place their orders.

Customer Loyalty Cards

Getting your customers in the door is just the start. You need to be able to get them to come back on a regular basis. Customer loyalty cards are a wonderful way to invite your customers to become regulars.

You could stick to the standard format for most customer cards and offer a free item after the purchase of a specific number of full price menu items. Or you could get creative with your loyalty program. Take your time and develop a rewards program that your customers will have fun with while they support your eatery.

Apparel and Accessories

From custom-printed aprons and t-shirts to caps and face masks, your printing professional can make sure you have the finest restaurant products for your employees. But don’t stop there! Offer your customers the chance to join in on the fun and show their love for your restaurant with a selection of catchy tees and stylish caps.

Finding High Quality Printed Restaurant Products

When you need high-quality printing and promotional products, RPA Hawaii is ready to help. We have the experience and expertise necessary to help you build your brand and realize your dreams.

Contact us today at Ron Pedersen & Associates in Honolulu for more information about our full line of restaurant products and promotional promotional printing options.