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All-Time Best Promotional Items For Your Business | Oahu

All-Time Best Promotional Items For Your Business | Oahu

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Every business is unique. So, it is logical that no single promotional product could possibly fit every company. The best promotional items for you may not work as well for another business. Consider your customer base before choosing something for them and you will get maximum value from your initial investment.

That being said, there are some promotional items that have proven their worth over time. If you are looking for promotional products for your company, consider a time-honored favorite for your next event.


Not all promotional items have to be fancy to be effective. Sure, pens are just an everyday item, nothing to get excited about. But that is exactly the point of good promotional items: to be there for use every day of the week. People of all ages need pens for school, work, and everyday responsibilities. And who doesn’t love a free pen?

Give your customers and potential audience a quality pen with your logo on it and they will be glad to take it everywhere they travel. The longer they last, the more exposure your message will get, so don’t be too cheap. You want your clients to love their pen, so opt for something that impresses.

Travel Mugs

We are a world on the go. And most of us need a little help getting going in the morning. Your customers are the same way, and a great way to be there with your message every day of the week is to invest in travel mugs.

Some people keep their coffee cups full all day, carrying them with them out the door in the morning and home with them at night. If your logo was on that mug, think about how many people saw that from just that one travel mug. Now, imagine your travel mug in every office, waiting room, school, and business all over town. Your company could get great exposure from something as long-lasting and essential to so much of the population.


Another basic item that lacks pizzazz. However, just like the pen, the magnet offers an excellent way to send your message where your customer base needs you most: at home.

Magnets are one of the less expensive promotional items you can choose. Yet, they are right there on the refrigerator of nearly every home, holding up the little one’s latest masterpiece or your dentist’s reminder. Since the kitchen is the heart, soul, and office of most households, it makes sense that you would want to keep important information there.

If you own a delivery business, your magnet can be a constant reminder that you are there for them. Service companies benefit from having magnets placed in homes when something goes wrong and help is needed. Your customers want to call you back for repeat business. Make it easy for them with a fun magnet to add to their refrigerator.


Even in the digital age, calendars are still used in almost every business and house in the country. Some of the best ones offer special deals from local businesses to enjoy throughout the year. Regardless of what type of business you own, make sure you have a calendar in every customer home. Hand them out to potential customers to get them excited about what you do. And, if you do add some sort of monthly promotional discount or reward, you will attract more new guests. Plus, your calendar will be good for an entire year, sending your message to everyone who sees it the whole time.

You can choose from a variety of sizes and styles, including pocket planners. Make your presence known all year long with any one of these calendar styles.

Sports Bottles

In modern society, carrying a bottle of water everywhere is common for all ages. And with the environmental efforts to reduce waste, reusable products are a great option. If you want to reach a wide range of people, put your business logo on a sports bottle. And you can afford to, since they are one of the more affordable promotional products available in Oahu.

Everyone can use a sports bottle, so you can please a full spectrum of ages and personalities. The convenience of having something to drink available at all times is essential to many athletes, college students, workers, and others. Make sure they have a high-quality sports bottle with your logo at their side for all to read. Word of your business can travel fast in schools and workplaces, so spread your promotional items freely.


Flashlights are some of the most convenient promotional items you can give. Everyone needs a light when they are out in the dark. Give your target audience a light for their way that bears your company logo. They will appreciate the assistance and have positive feelings about your business every time they do. Flashlights appeal to everyone, so consider giving people a reminder that your business is available to put on their keychain. It would always be beside them and they would be proud to have such a thoughtful product from you.


A lot of families get souvenir t-shirts from every place they visit on a trip. They give them a chance to get a reminder of their trip that will provide a function. For a family on a budget, t-shirts are the perfect remembrance.

In modern society, t-shirts are an essential part of the casual wardrobe. Many people like to display their favorite places on their shirts for everyone to see. You can invest in a broad selection of shirts that advertise your restaurant, store, or company. While apparel can be more costly than other items, it has many advantages, as well. First, it lasts longer than most other promotional items. And with the popularity of distressed clothing, old t-shirts are getting another life. Second, a t-shirt giveaway draws a lot of attention. And finally, if the shirts are too expensive for you to give away, you could always sell them at a gift shop or register.

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