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5 Essential Considerations Before You Choose Brand Products | Honolulu

5 Essential Considerations Before You Choose Brand Products | Honolulu

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Brand products are an effective way of getting more eyes on a business, essentially turning the people who receive them into walking billboards that spread the word about the product or service you have to offer. There’s more to creating promotional products than merely slapping a business’ name on a pen or shirt, however.

To set the promotional products campaign up for success, certain factors are worth paying close attention to. Keep reading to find out exactly what they are.

1. Defining a Clear Objective

Having a clear objective for promotional products ensures that you invest in products your Honolulu target audience will be truly drawn to, as opposed to some that they may find wholly uninteresting.

It also helps to consider what you’re trying to achieve in the short term. If the goal is more sales in the short term, the approach ought to be different to the one you would take for longer term goals like enhancing brand awareness.

Once you have defined your objective, you also have the benefit of being able to track the success of your campaign. This can be through sales tied directly to the campaign, which you can measure by having the brand products carry discount codes. This makes it easier to check for a relation between a sale and the campaign.

A clear objective also makes it easier to pick the right kind of product, one that feeds into the kind of results you’re trying to achieve. Though different products often work for the same business, the main differentiating factor between what products the business goes for now and at a later date should always be the highest priority objective that it has in mind.

If this is something you think may trip you up as you prepare for a brand products campaign, contact us so we can help you with how to proceed.

2. Making the Products Useful

This step involves doing in-depth research into the products that your target audience already uses. With a few answers, you can provide them with promotional products that they can easily and naturally incorporate into their days without feeling that the product is invasive.

In addition, much of the potential of promotional products is rooted in the fact that there is potential for them to be carried around, allowing for a large number of people to see them and develop an interest in your business. A useful product is much likelier to achieve this than one that doesn’t easily fit into the recipient’s schedule.

This is something businesses tend to have trouble with before they launch their brand products campaigns. If you’re in the same boat, why not contact us for some help?

3. Making the Brand Products Personal

While a product that is useful is likely to be used in different places — capturing more eyes for your brand — that may not go far enough in inspiring brand loyalty. For that, promotional products with a personal touch are needed.

Making the products personal can be as simple as tailoring them to the customers or potential customers. For example, flash drives may prove useful for IT professionals, while expecting mothers may find a lot of charm in baby products.

Depending on your target audience, you can create products that allow them to feel a personal connection to the brand, furthering the idea that your business is in touch with their needs, even the tiny ones.

Not only does that allow a business to tick off the previous point of having promotional products that are useful, it also makes it likelier that customers will be inclined to talk about the brand.

4. Making the Products Wearable

In cases where the products can’t be wearable, such as with a mug, portability is a good enough factor to aim for. The idea is to make sure that the product can be taken around easily, without being too much of a hassle for the recipient to carry around.

This increases the chances that the product will be carried to a greater number of places, allowing more people to see it. All that is often proportional to the reach that the brand experiences.

5. Integrating the Products with the Brand

While it’s all good to focus on making the brand products appealing to your target audience, it’s just as crucial to make sure that there’s a strong connection between the products and your products. This increases the odds that the brand as a whole makes an impression, and it also makes it likelier that recipients go on to make a purchase.

Integration in this case can take many forms. The easiest is to have a written line or two on the brand product that are catchy, memorable and resonant. This is a way to communicate to the target audience that the brand understands an issue they experience — and which they’re able to solve — and that they understand their audience from an inside perspective.

Beyond that, a pithy and brand-centered line also helps the promotional product to produce results for the brand, since the line can act as a conversation starter when a recipient carries the product around in Honolulu or elsewhere.

5. Have Something Seasonal

While your main brand products campaigns can fit an all-year-round theme, reserving others for certain times of year can help boost your results. Recipients will most likely feel highly motivated to carry that kind of product around at the time of year for which it’s been made, and it will also prove popular with those who lay eyes on it.

Provided they’re effectively brand-integrated as discussed in the previous tip, the extended reach of the brand products will funnel down to the brand itself, making way for sales.

Brand products present a lot of benefits for your business. Before you can fully tap into those spoils though, there are some essential factors to bear in mind. The five above are among the most crucial. In any case, there’s no need to go it alone. Contact us at Ron Pedersen & Associates and we’ll help make your brand product campaign a success.