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Your Message Is On The Move With Promotional Items | Oahu

Your Message Is On The Move With Promotional Items | Oahu

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What’s your preferred way to get the word out about your Oahu organization or event? When you’re advertising on the internet you want people to share your information far and wide electronically. In-person, it’s promotional items that will carry your message, with a much longer lifetime than an online message. Custom novelty and practical items take on a life of their own.

Word Travels on Items That Spread Your Message

Items pass from friend to friend and associate to associate. They stay on shelves and desks displaying your logo and keep your message active. Customized items are a practical and even fun way to keep your name, logo, and message in front of the people you want to reach. You don’t need an expert to explain a complex process for reaching your target audience — it’s just person to person marketing.

Hardworking Promotional Items

The big advantage of our top-notch promotional items is that they don’t just put your logo on a screen. They get up and go to your target market. Our apparel is worn by athletes, our briefcases and bags keep sales calls organized, our coffee mugs bring energy to strategy meetings, and our auto sun shades take your message to the beach. They work hard and get around town, even boarding planes to distant destinations beyond Oahu, carrying your message.

Convenient Auto Specialties

From license plate holders to antenna balls, auto shades, and tech accessories, if you want to reach car and truck owners, we have plenty of ways to do it. Look to our line of auto safety gear to emphasize your focus on minimizing company risk.

Tote Bags, Backpacks, and Briefcases

Our convenient bags serve as swag bags, seminar takeaways, or special event mementos. They’re essential items for gym, physical therapy, and chiropractic clients. Low-cost imprinted bags are a great way to get your name carried around town. We offer a full line of items for carrying laptops, textbooks for class, documents and briefs, or custom toolkits. Durable and attractive, these bags and cases work hard with your name on them.

Essential and Helpful Office Items Carrying Your Message

Potential customers know which companies gave them high-quality pens, and we’ve got a line of colorful and elegant pens that include timely antimicrobial treatment, touchscreen stylish tips, and soft touch rubber barrels. Mousepads and stress relievers get prominent placement on most desks, and we offer customized binders, notepads, calculators, and other items that will claim their space in your client’s office. If you conduct promotional seminars and classes, customizing a workspace set of take-home items sets the professional tone of the event.

People Watch Your Name in Motion: Recreational Gear and Attire

Sports attire keeps people focused on the players and your logo, connecting your business with energy, vitality, and winning. If you’re sponsoring a local youth team, a special sports event, or run a sports-oriented business such as a crossfit gym or parkour training team, make sure that people are sweating and loving it in gear with your business name. They’ll hydrate from logo-emblazoned bottles and carry custom sports bags.

Essential Tech Items Customers Will Keep and Use

Promotional items with a tech function are popular with trade show crowds. They’re specialized reminders of the products and services you offer such as computer repair or design work. Leaving your customer with your logo on a USB stick is a great way to a customized professional design portfolio, project proposal, or software demo. Other tech promotional items include cell phone stands, wireless chargers, and logo webcam covers. Be the name your customers associate with convenience and quality.

Apparel that Brings Your People Together

Sales, Marketing, Engineering Teams

Polo shirts, tees, hoodies, and other apparel bring out the team spirit when you’re on-site visiting an important customer, volunteering as a company team, or competing against other businesses in a sports league. Even if you’ve got a small-but-growing business, company logo shirts send a message of identity and professionalism that people remember.

Special Events Volunteers and Staff

Let us create special apparel and promotional items for your event tents, radio remotes, fundraising drives, and convention staff. Wherever you need to be organized and identifiable, we can create the perfect look for the occasion.

Logo Printed T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Clothes for Kids

Some businesses have that perfect logo, cool reputation, or memorable experience that makes people want to buy their logo apparel as memorabilia. We can set you up with our promotional items as sellable souvenirs for tourists, diners, event visitors, and fans. We fit both adults and kids.

Items for Everyday Home, Desk, and Breakroom Use

Getting your coffee mug displayed on client breakroom shelves can be a competitive challenge! We have high-quality mugs, water bottles, and desktop items that keep your name in mind as a supplier or service provider that knows how to keep customers happy. If you’re marketing to the public, our promotional items are great for take-home use, too.

Motivational Awards and Tradeshow Swag

If you’ve positioned your booth right, your bags and swag can be the hit of the convention as everyone carries them around. Don’t lose the opportunity. Keep your team focused with special awards recognizing results, growth, and effort.

Connecting Your Message with Your Money — Custom Checks

Taking care of payables and other business-to-business payments, why not send one of our colorful, customized checks? They’re designed for use with your specific business accounting package, from QuickBooks to Great Plains and many more. Just fill out the online form and let us know if you’d like a proof to verify before your order is produced.

Make Your Message Unique with RPA Hawaii Ideas and Promotional Items

Get your company or event buzz spreading around the islands, or spread the word about your island-based business to customers on the mainland. Check-in with Ron Pedersen & Associates to create your own “message in a bottle” marketing. Call us at 808-845-9399, or email info@rpahawaii.com