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Understanding Why Promotional Products Work | Hawaii

Understanding Why Promotional Products Work | Hawaii

As one of the most important techniques used in any marketing campaign in Hawaii, promotional products are proven to work, and they certainly work very well. But, while we know for a fact that such products work, very rarely do people stop to question why they do. Knowing the answer to this question can give you an advantage when trying to decide what type of promotional products you want to include in a certain campaign. It is because of this, that in this article we will cover all the reasons why these products work so well. Let’s get started.

In recent years, psychologists have started studying the effects of promotional products on consumers. What they have found is a clear explanation of why they are such a popular marketing technique. This is why.

They Promote a Sense of Reciprocity

One of the most important characteristics of promotional products is the sense of reciprocity they produce. The principle is fairly simple. Whenever we receive a gift of some sort, we are compelled to give something in return as a way to acknowledge what we received. The same stands true for marketing. Whenever a potential customer receives a promotional item that is useful, functional, and relevant, they will respond by purchasing from you, or referring you to their friends and family.

They Promote a Sense of Accomplishment and Loyalty

When you give a customer a promotional gift that is relevant and useful, such as a coffee mug or cap, for example, you help them feel as if they did something to earn it. This sense of accomplishment produces a level of happiness and satisfaction that leads to loyalty. In essence, by promoting the feeling of doing something right, and receiving a reward in return, especially if the gift is something they can use in their daily life, will lead to them becoming loyal customers and turning to you for all of their relevant needs.

They Create a Lasting Impression

Most forms of marketing, such as television ads, are only visible to potential customers for a very short time. But promotional products that they can use, will keep your brand in front of them for as long as they are able to use these items. Such is the case of coffee mugs, pens, or T-shirts, which are visible all the time. This makes it so that your customers will think of you every time they reach for a sip of coffee, or otherwise make use of any promotional gifts they have received. Additionally, as in the case of T-shirts or caps, every time your customers wear these items in public, everybody they come into contact with will be exposed to your brand. The potential to create an impression on many people with a simple promotional gift is endless, which is one of the main reasons why they work so well.

They Make Your Brand More Recognizable

By gifting your customers with promotional products that are useful and relevant, they will enhance the recognition of your brand due to exposure to your logo, even more than by using business cards. Soon, whenever people see your logo, they will automatically think about what you have to offer. In addition, by using your promotional items, whenever somebody asks your customers if they know somebody who offers the same products and services you do, they will automatically think of you, and the promotional gift will be readily available to provide your contact information.

They Make Your Customers Know You Care

Nothing attracts more customers than a business in which they can feel they are important. Gifting them with a useful promotional item is more than a way to thank them for their business. Promotional gifts are a way to let your customers know they are an important part of your company, and yes, while it is understood that their participation is important for your bottom line, by showing them you are thinking of them, you are actually earning their loyalty. Think about it as an old-time store, where the owner and other employees knew your name. The premise is similar. Promotional gifts let them know “we think you are special and that is why we are gifting you with something you can use”. This earns you their loyalty and a good amount of free publicity.

They Are Simple but Effective

As we have already described, promotional gifts are a simple but effective way of gaining brand recognition, while letting your customers know you care. Keep in mind that the type of products you give out to your customers should be relevant, which means that you can use different ones throughout the year. For example, at the end of the year, calendars that contain your company’s information can be a handy and useful gift for your customers. T-shirts, wristbands, mugs, and other items are perfect for other seasons.

Promotional gifts are a relatively inexpensive way of putting your brand at the forefront of people’s minds. They can be used in several different ways, and across different campaigns. You can select from a large variety of items and even allow your customers to choose from a few different gifts, each time they fulfill a certain condition. For example, if they purchase a certain amount in a single sale, or if they make a purchase a certain number of times each month. In the end, the choice is yours, and the result will always work in your favor.

Now that you understand how important promotional products can be when you are trying to capture the attention of potential customers in Hawaii, it is time to start focusing on your next marketing campaign. 

At RPA Hawaii, we are happy to offer a very wide variety of promotional products, ranging from tablecloths and banners for your next trade show to wristbands, caps, and much more! So, don’t put off your brand’s promotion any longer, if you are looking for promotional products, RPA Hawaii has everything you need. Give us a call today and let us show you everything we can do for you!

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