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Running A Non-Profit? Tips to Show Appreciation of Your Festival Volunteers With These Personalized Cups | Oahu

Running A Non-Profit? Tips to Show Appreciation of Your Festival Volunteers With These Personalized Cups | Oahu

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If you’re running a non-profit organization, you’ll likely have volunteers helping at festivals, trade fairs, or events. Volunteers are generally passionate and interested in the organization that they’re volunteering for. It’s a good idea to take the time to recognize volunteers’ achievements and thank them for their help. This is crucial if you want to retain your volunteers and perhaps even recruit some new ones. Giving your volunteers a promotional product, such as personalized cups, pens, or water bottles, is an excellent idea.

If you live in Oahu or the surrounding area and are searching for promotional products such as personalized cups, games, t-shirts, or pens that can be branded with your nonprofit’s logo, you may like to contact RPA Hawaii. The company has a large selection of merchandise, clothing, and promotional products that you can give to your volunteers or customers.

Let’s look at some of the things you can do to honor your volunteers while they are volunteering and after the festival.

While They’re Volunteering

You can do a few things while your volunteers are serving your non-profit organization to help make their volunteering experience more enjoyable and worthwhile. Here are some personalized cups and things you may like to consider doing for your volunteers:

Tell Them About Your Non-Profit Organization

It’s a good idea to give volunteers a perspective about your non-profit and what the organization does. Tell them some facts and figures which show how you are helping the cause you’re passionate about.

Volunteers are often asked to do mundane tasks, so it’s good that they know why they are doing them and are aware of how it helps the organization’s mission.

Telling your volunteers about the organization’s larger context. This will mean that they can talk about your non-profit to friends, family, members of the community, and any other interested parties. Show that you respect your volunteer and appreciate their work, and they will want to volunteer for years to come.

Give Volunteers Food

You may like to consider giving volunteers some free food during their shift. This will be especially appreciated if people are volunteering for the whole day. Providing lunch or even just snacks and a drink (maybe in personalized cups) will help you’re your volunteers energized and will also show them that you care. If you do decide to provide food, remember to have a vegetarian and vegan option.

Check-In With Volunteers

Ensure that you check in with your volunteers throughout the day to see how they are doing. This gives them the opportunity to ask questions and is particularly important if they are working in a backroom or storage area where they don’t see many people. If the volunteers are looking tired, offer them a break. If they seem bored, you may like to give them a different task.

After They Volunteer

There are also a few things you can do to honor your volunteers after the event. These tips will make them feel appreciated and will mean that they will be more likely to volunteer next time you need help. Even a small token of appreciation, personalized cups, a thoughtful gift, any sort of thank you.

Include Volunteer Stories on Your Website

After the festival or event, you can continue to bring attention to your non-profit by including volunteer stories on your blog or website. This may take the form of an interview with a volunteer or a general story about how they helped at the festival. Volunteers will feel appreciated if you take the time to interact with them. Ask some questions about their life, family, and interests and get to know them a bit better. You can also ask them about their work and what they enjoyed about volunteering.

You may like to feature one volunteer story or interview a month on your website. It will only take about fifteen minutes to interview a volunteer, and you should do this personally. Both the non-profit and the volunteer are winners. The volunteer will have the opportunity to tell their story, and you’ll be given feedback that could help you improve your organization. Interviews are also great as they can be used for volunteer recruitment.

Give Out Volunteers Awards

If you have any exceptional volunteers, you may like to nominate them for awards. There are “Volunteer of the Year” awards at many non-profit organizations. Or you could have a volunteer of the month as a ‘Most Inspirational” or “Most Enthusiastic” volunteer. Get creative when thinking of awards and come up with a small prize with your organization’s logo and branding. You may like to consider prizes such as T-shirts, personalized cups, pens, and notebooks.

Give Your Volunteers a Gift

After volunteering at your festival or event, you may like to give volunteers a small gift as a thank you. You could choose to give out a promotional product or some merchandise such as caps, T-shirts, pens, personalized cups, or water bottles. Give volunteers something useful that they are likely to need.

Alternatively, give volunteers a gift card that they can spend in a local store or cafe. You may like to form a partnership with a store in your area that can give free gifts or discounts for your volunteers.

Send Your Volunteers A Thank You Card

One of the best ways to show your volunteers how much you appreciate them is to send a thank you card. This may seem old-fashioned but is appreciated by many people, especially in modern times where email and social media are more common than handwritten letters.

When writing a card or letter, try to personalize your message to each volunteer. Thank them for specific tasks that they did well.

RPA Hawaii, Personalised Cups

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