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How To Use Promotional Items To Boost Your Business | Oahu

How To Use Promotional Items To Boost Your Business | Oahu

Photo By Ahmet Misirligul at Shutterstock

If you are looking at a marketing campaign that has a pretty high ROI, then you need to consider investing in some promotional items that you can hand out to help build brand recognition and brand awareness. Promotional goodies are generally easy to distribute and people love to grab them. In fact, most people love free stuff and will take whatever you offer them, which is great if you are attempting to put your name out into the Oahu community so that more people walk through your doors.

Most promotional items travel much farther than just the one person you hand them to as well since items such as keychains, pens, pencils, etc will be seen every single time that someone pulls them out to use them. That means you are widening how many people see your brand on a daily basis. In addition, when these items get dropped or left behind like pens and pencils often do, then someone else will pick them up and show them off inadvertently to a new group of potential customers.

This is just one example of how you can easily reach the eyes of dozens of potential customers via one free pen, so imagine what you can do if you purchase dozens of promotional items and get them out into the community. By building brand awareness you are potentially expanding your customer base and expanding the amount of familiarity people have with your company. The idea is that the next time they need the type of product or service you offer, your name will be the first one to pop into their head because they see it constantly on the items that you gave them.

For this reason, it is important to pick out promotional items that people will use because you want to make sure your company name stays in their vision for more than just one day. Plastic reusable water bottles, pens, keychains, and pencils are all great products that tend to get used but there are hundreds of possibilities depending on your company and what fits within your niche. Picking a product that fits the needs of your target audience is also a wise marketing tool if you really want to reach a certain consumer base.

So how do you get your items out into the local community? Here are just a few of the many ways that you can spread your goods out to maximize their reach.

Give Them Out as Employee Awards

First of all, you can consider handing them out as employee awards or during an employee appreciation dinner. You get double benefits here. Not only do you help your employees feel like they are valued in the workplace which in turn will help increase their productivity and attitude while at work, but others will see the items you give them. Things like t-shirts, mugs, cups, etc get used on a daily basis and are an excellent way to spread your business logo or slogan throughout the community.

You can also choose to give every employee an extra bag of promotional goods just for attending the day and then raffle out other rewards or larger items to really engage your employees and encourage them to interact and initiate some friendly competition. Employees that feel happier at work tend to talk more about their work which also will help you get your business name out and around town.

Pass Them Out to Customers as Gifts of Gratitude

Another great way to pass out promotional items is by including them in the bags if you have customers who make large purchases or visit frequently. Your customer will love the free goodies and be pleasantly surprised to be rewarded for being a loyal customer, and you get items into their hands that they will probably show other people in their life indirectly. For instance, if you give them a coffee mug then they will use it while around other family members or friends which will help spread the name of your company. Plus, they are likely to mention to others that they got the freebie from your company which leads to word-of-mouth advertising and a positive connotation.

Head to the Trade Shows or Festivals

If you are looking to pass out massive amounts of promotional items to paper the city you may want to think about signing up to participate in local trade shows or open a vendor booth at a local festival. Trade shows and festivals are a great way to pass out a large number of items to a large number of people. Most people will take almost anything if you offer it to them for free, so this is a great opportunity to get your business name into the hands of hundreds of people who will likely pass out goods to even more.

If your sole purpose is brand recognition, this is an easy way to build brand awareness so that people see your brand logo or slogan and instantly think of your company. Plus, it is a fairly easy way to pass out goods since it will take very little effort on your part and allow you to chat with customers who show interest in what you have to offer the community.

Exchange Promotional Items with Other Local Oahu Businesses

Finally, if you are a small business in Oahu you might think about working with other local businesses to help promote each other. For instance, if you run a hotel you might exchange your pens with a local restaurant and they can give you a stack of flyers to pass out in the lobby. This way both your businesses benefit and you reach a targeted audience with your promotional items that may just pop by later during their visit. If you need to purchase promotional items to make this marketing campaign a reality, contact RPA Hawaii today.