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Build Your Brand Awareness With Brand Products | Honolulu

Build Your Brand Awareness With Brand Products | Honolulu

Photo By Olivier Le Moal at Shutterstock

Are you a new business in Honolulu looking to get your name out to locals and tourists? Or are you a new restaurant that wants to encourage people to choose you for their cocktails and nightcaps? One of the best ways to spread the word about your business is by distributing brand products. Brand products that contain your logo or slogan are a great way to build brand recognition because they tend to travel farther than you will probably imagine. Plus, if you choose a reputable company to shop from they are easy to print and usually affordable.

What Are Logo Products?

Brand products are exactly what they sound like, they are products that contain your logo or name and are meant to be passed out to customers or just to people in general at local events and/or crowded areas. Depending on your business this might mean a pen, pencil, eraser, bumper sticker, placemat, cupholder, coaster, etc. The sky’s the limit with branded products, and you can feel free to have some fun if you want to offer people something memorable so you can make sure they hold onto it.

How Will Brand Products Help My Business?

There is no guarantee that brand products will immediately boost your business, but usually, they help build your brand recognition and awareness, especially because they have a habit of traveling. Before you can build a steady clientele you have to build a strong brand image. That means people have to know you and when they need something within your niche your name has to be one of the first that pops in their head. This is easier said than done, especially if you are in Honolulu where there is definitely competition within certain fields.

The best way to get your name into people’s heads is by first getting it into their hands. Brand products are usually helpful in some way that encourages people to hang onto them. They also have a habit of getting passed on so that they build name recognition among dozens of people. For example, if you hand out pens at local banks or just to people at large they will see your name the next time they pull a pen out of their purse or pocket. After seeing it enough they will either think seriously about checking you out if you offer an immediately consumable good, or file your name in their memory so that the next time they need the type of service you provide yours is the first name that comes to mind.

However, that one person you gave a pen to may not be the only person that is influenced by your product. Pens often change hands, get left behind, and picked up. So after a few days of use, you may have placed your name in one person’s mind and now are building your brand recognition with another. If you choose keychains, there is no telling how many people will see your logo on a keychain that is dangling out of someone’s hands. Coasters are another great item because everyone that enters the house of someone who has your free promotional coasters will probably see your brand name.

This is why they work so effectively because one free promotional item has the ability to reach hundreds of people even if you only distribute a few dozen. Brand products are a low-cost way to instantly market your company via word of mouth without consumers even viewing them as marketing tools. Plus, people love free things, so you will likely find that you have no problem giving them away and getting the marketing tools out into the greater Honolulu community.

How to Find Good Promotional Products

If you aren’t quite sure what you want to pass out to people or are not sure where to find branded products, the best thing you can do is contact a promotional printing company. They will likely have tons of ideas and products that you have not even thought about before. Most printing companies have a standard line of products waiting to be customized with your brand and available in bulk. Usually, the more you buy the better deal you want so it is wise to make one large bulk purchase instead of just getting a few items at a time.

Promotional items are also great to hand out to employees since they will not only help pass them around, but if they wear and/or use any of the items outside of work they will be effectively advertising for you as well increasing the reach of your marketing efforts. In fact, this is one reason why many workplaces give out free logo shirts because they know that their employees will in turn wear them in the community and help build their brand awareness in the process.

Where Should I Pass Out Brand Products?

Where you decide to pass out your free promotional products depends largely on the type of industry you are in and what your average customer looks like. A dry cleaner for instance is going to be looking for a different client base than a restaurant or a doggy daycare center. Therefore, where you pass out your products largely depends on where your audience likely is located. A lot of companies pass out freebies to their existing clients who then spread the logo via simple presence. Other companies go to trade shows or local festivals and pass out their goods to those in attendance or those who show interest in their company.

While you will have to figure out what works best for your company, you can rest assured that your brand products will end up getting viewed by many more people than you think. Ready to invest in a new promotional product? Give RPA Hawaii a call or visit our website and we will gladly help you find the right products to enhance your brand recognition.