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5 Ways To Make People “Earn” Your Company’s Promotional Products | Hawaii

5 Ways To Make People “Earn” Your Company’s Promotional Products | Hawaii

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Studies say that companies that give away promotional products are more likely to get returning customers and are more likely to build a positive image and reputation in the community. Many people keep promotional products instead of tossing them away, so this is a really good opportunity to keep your business in everyone’s mind.

With that said, you don’t necessarily have to give these products away like candy in your business in Hawaii. If you’re getting things like pens or even small buttons, it might not hurt to go with this approach; however, if you really want your business to shine and for these products to increase the word-of-mouth of your business, then you should look into other ways to give these products away.

A fun way to add more value to the products that you’ve purchased is to make people “earn” them.

#1. Host a Competition

What better way to win a product than to be able to show off your skills. If you can think of a fun competition, you can really use this opportunity to highlight your business. For example, if you own a restaurant, you can do one of those competitions to see whether someone is able to consume a certain amount of food within a certain period of time. Those who are able to will win the competition. Not only will their meal be paid for, but they may also be able to win some type of product, like a cool T-shirt or even a knife set.

You’ll need to tailor the competition, so that it’s applicable to your business and company. You can host different competitions every month or every several months in order to create more of a buzz for your business. Everyone will be talking about your competition!

#2. Create a Rewards System

A lot of stories have reward systems. For example, Sephora, one of the largest makeup companies in North America, has an elaborate rewards system. Customers receive points for every dollar that they purchase, and they are able to exchange these points for promotional products like makeup samples from different companies.

This is a really good way to encourage customers to return. Some customers will have a lot of fun racking up points for larger products and incentives, and they’re also more likely to check back on your site to see what else you may have to offer.

#3. Give Raffle Tickets Away for Purchases

Another fun way to make your customers earn your products is to create a raffle. For every purchase or for every certain amount of dollar spent, the customers will get a ticket into the raffle. Every week or every month, you’ll raffle off the prizes and see who is the lucky winner. This creates a fun atmosphere and environment that will really get your customers talking.

#4. Create a Random Giveaway System

Do you remember the golden ticket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? 5 golden tickets were hidden in chocolate bars that were sold. Those who found a golden ticket would win a chance to visit the chocolate factory. This drove up sales significantly while everyone frantically looked for a golden ticket.

You can accomplish similar things with promotional products. The only thing is that you will need to make sure that the promotional products are somewhat cooler than usual. If the product is something like a pen, you might not be able to drive up any sales or any awareness for your company because no one would be interested in it. However, if you’re able to find something quite cool and attractive, you could really increase word-of-mouth about your business.

This is also a fairly fun way to give out the promotional products that you have purchased. It also requires minimal work on your part.

#5. Give Promotional Products Away for Feedback

You don’t necessarily have to give away promotional products as if they were County. You can also create some type of win-win situation where a customer would receive an extra incentive to provide feedback about your company or about the services that they received. This can really help you boost sales by figuring out what people don’t like and what people do like, so you do less of one and more of the other.

In this situation, you could create a type of campaign, as well as put some effort into creating a feedback form. Once a customer has completed the feedback form either in person or online, they will receive a promotional product. If the customer completes the feedback form in person at your store, you can provide them with the product right away. However, for the sake of simplicity and convenience, you should also consider creating an online feedback form. Participants that complete the feedback form will receive some type of unique code. If they come into your store with the code, you will then know that they have completed the feedback form and will be able to provide them with the incentive.

The latter is also a very good way to get customers to come into your company and business. Once they’re there, they’re more likely to make a purchase as well since they’re already there.

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