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Which Types Of Promotional Items Are Best For Small Businesses? | Oahu

Which Types Of Promotional Items Are Best For Small Businesses? | Oahu

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Promotional items extend your marketing reach exponentially. They help introduce people and worldwide to your small business quickly and effectively. When considering the different options you have in personalized products with your logo, slogan, or website URL, think carefully about what will make the greatest impression on the recipient.

If you’ve never purchased promotional items for your business before, you don’t know where to start. Luckily, we know a thing or two about the subject and can assist you. All you need to do is read this guide in its entirety, shop the online storefront after determining what you need and want in promotional products, and place your order. Once complete, it gets sent to your home or business, whichever location you prefer.

Choose a Promotional Product That Grabs People’s Attention

A promotional product with potential is one that is attractive and useful. It provides your customer with ease, comfort, or entertainment. It solves one of their pain points and makes them feel good about giving you their business. Your store or restaurant benefits from the loyalty your customers give to you.

The types of promotional items that are best for small businesses in Oahu include:

  • There isn’t a customer alive that doesn’t need a cup to drink out of often. As far as promotional items are concerned, it’s among the most popular. Available in various styles, including tumblers meant for use on-the-go, you don’t waste your branding efforts on a product like this. The frequency of use of the cup will get more people to see your logo, company name, or website URL.


  • Like cups, everyone uses pens. They’re small, lightweight, and portable. People stick them in their pockets or bags and pull them out when they need to use them. When you put branding on a pen, it’s sure to be seen dozens of times each day. That’s one way to get the word out about your company!


  • Tote Bags. Another portable solution that turns heads, totes are functional and vital. They make traveling from one location to the next fast and easy. The promotional items are virtual billboards that advertise for you. From the subway to the library to the farmer’s market, tote bags have a place in society. Customers love this giveaway item because they know it’s something that they’ll put to good use often.


  • A way to carry keys or IDs, you can customize this promotional item in many ways. From the type of lanyard you purchase to the color, text, and clasp you select, you’ve got many choices to consider. Each contributes to the overall look and feel of the item. It’s lightweight and something easy to send in the mail, too.


  • Very noticeable, this item is one that people can’t avoid. When they speak to your customer, they’ll see the hat in all its glory. It will stand out because of the logo, company name, or other branding information. Hats are a promotional item that lasts for years because of how well you’ve made them. They come in many styles, too, making them comfortable to wear daily.


  • You can never go wrong with apparel. Everyone gets dressed in the morning. Why not let it be in a shirt that you designed for your business? Shirts have different sleeve lengths and collar styles. You can choose the colors that you like best and customize them with details about your business easily.


  • Stress Balls. Life can be stressful. Giving your customers an item to squeeze the living daylights out of when the need arises is highly beneficial. It allows them to feel relief quickly. Stress balls are lightweight and portable, too. They can be put in a bag or backpack and used as regular stress relievers.

Promotional items get the word out about your small business in a highly effective and efficient way. Rather than spend a fortune on paying a marketer to do the work for you, your brand opts to use personalized products such as cups, calendars, apparel, and even stadium chairs to announce your services. People get to know your name well because of the value-based gifts you provide to them.

Select the Right Company to Work With Based on Their Customer Service Record

A company with a track record for success is one that you want to give your business to regularly. People attest to its legitimacy and recommend it to their family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. If you were to read online reviews about the promotional items’ provider you’d see nothing but praise.

When you contact the company, you feel good about the conversation you have with the rep. You feel as though they’ve heard your request and are willing to assist you in every way that they can. You feel like the company addresses your needs and that your business is valued. It’s a relationship that you build on trust and respect with the promotional products company.

Extend Your Reach By Appealing to More Customers Aesthetically

Contact Pedersen & Associates by phone or email for additional information about ways to make your company stand out among its competitors. Call 808-845-9399 or send a message to info@rpahawaii.com today. Learning all there is to know about the benefits of personalized products helps you identify Oahu’s promotional items with the most potential.

We are a company that people trust to help brand their business. Our customers are business owners in all types of industries. Some run small scale operations. Others are large and ripe with potential.

We love the challenge of taking new companies and helping them represent themselves to the public. Let us know what we can do to make that happen for you. We’re more than happy to discuss the different types of promotional items we have to offer on our website in detail. Helping you see the value of each makes it easier for you to determine which is the best option for you.