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Promotional Products: Your Dos And Don’ts | Hawaii

Promotional Products: Your Dos And Don’ts | Hawaii

If you operate a business or organization, promotional products are a great way to market what you do or the products and services you sell. That said, there are some best practices and not-so-good practices associated with marketing products. We’re going to explore some of those promotional product don’ts here. RPA specializes in promotional printing. Whether you’re gifting printed bags, cups, or t-shirts, you want to be sure that you use these products to your advantage. Learn about what practices to avoid.

Don’t Forget to Match Promotional Products to Your Audience

As a business, it’s crucial to know your audience. One common mistake that some companies make is choosing products that the staff likes but not what is ideal for their target audience. It’s important to consider what promotional products your target audience is likely to find useful. Also, even though the products you select are related to your business doesn’t mean they’re the ideal products for your customers or clients.

Instead, be sure to take time to research your target audience carefully. What are your customers’ hobbies? What types of promotional products are they likely to enjoy? In order to choose the best products for your customers, try talking to a sample group. Ask them! Also, take time to find out what products your competitors are offering.

Don’t Fail To Create an Objective for Your Promotional Products Plan

What’s the purpose of your promotional campaign? Are you trying to promote your company to a new demographic? Are you trying to grow your mailing list? Are you trying to increase brand awareness on social media? When you have a special campaign in mind, you can tailor your products to it. If you don’t have a clear objective in mind and simply order these products, they might be the wrong product types for an upcoming event or some other promotional platform you have in mind.

Don’t Forget to Consider How to Distribute Your Promotional Products

Some businesses buy products in bulk without a clear idea of how to distribute them. Yet, the effective distribution of these products can support your marketing plan. Plus, a certain type of event might necessitate a certain type of promotional product. For instance, if your company is hosting a customer event in January, it might make sense to offer promotional calendars. Once you understand the purpose of your campaign and how you intend to distribute the products (i.e. in your office, at a trade show, etc…), you can choose the ideal products for your plan.

Of course, distributing products in a haphazard fashion is unlikely to strongly impact your marketing plan. With a targeted campaign at a planned venue, your business is more likely to capitalize on its promotional product gifts to customers.

Don’t Choose Non-Quality Products

Be sure that you choose quality products to give your customers. Pens that run out of ink after a few uses is not a worthy promotional product. RPA Hawaii features high-quality products. No matter what you offer your customers or clients, it should be a worthwhile gift, or what’s the point? Gifting items of poor quality will seem like no gift at all, and that will reflect poorly on your business. Think carefully about the items you want to give away as well as your budget. If the items are cheap and poorly constructed, they simply may not be worth your investment. On the other hand, just because an item is cost effective (i.e. a magnet), doesn’t mean it isn’t useful so long as it is a quality item and supports your marketing plan.

Don’t Settle for a Poor Design

Sometimes companies choose a design for their products that simply isn’t clear or effective. Let’s say you approve of a design that only represents your company’s logo. Is this enough? If your logo is internationally famous like Nike’s logo, it might be all you need to print on a promotional product. For most companies, however, your business name and contact information–even just your website–is incredibly important to feature. You might want to add a catchy slogan to your promotional designs. You might want to add a border or pattern to help you enhance your design.

Don’t Settle for Poorly Printed Materials

If you’re going to offer your clients and customers promotional products, it’s imperative that those products feature professional printing. The print quality should be nothing short of stellar. Smudges or faint printing–any other problems with the print quality–should constitute a return. RPA is renowned for our quality printing and quality products. We have no intention of disappointing our business customers with poor-quality printing. When you order products, you can expect them to arrive without any problems. We want you to be proud of the materials you offer to your own customers and clients.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Place Your Order

If you have an event in mind that you want to have promotional products on hand for, be sure to place your order sooner rather than later. Although RPA Hawaii does accept some last-minute orders, we have a wide range of customers. We want to ensure that we have the proper lead time to manage your order. We are happy to provide you with a time frame of our production process so you know when to expect your products.

Contact RPA Hawaii if you want to order promotional products for your company or organization. We feature a wide range of products, including calendars, magnets, key chains, buttons, clipboards, mugs, cups, tote bags, pens, golf balls, and so much more. Peruse our inventory to find great products for your business. We can professionally print your designs on these products so you can gift them to your customers and clients.

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