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Our Company’s Top 12 Promotional Products For Small Businesses | Hawaii

Our Company’s Top 12 Promotional Products For Small Businesses | Hawaii

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Are you looking for promotional products to help market your small business? If so, you’re in luck because our Hawaii company has compiled a list of the 12 best products for small businesses. From customized t-shirts to logoed pens, we have something for everyone and every price range. So don’t wait!

Check out our list below and find the perfect promotional product for your business!

Some of the Best Promotional Products for Smaller Businesses

If you’re just starting in the business world and want to expand your marketing reach quickly and conveniently, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to invest in promotional products. Designed to add interest in your small business, the custom items have many uses, which you’ll learn more about later in this guide. We hope you’ll find the perfect products to give away as you grow your business into a larger scale operation.

Even if you opt to remain small, the customers you can retain through VIP and referral programs are valuable. You never know who will tell their family and friends about your business. The more products you hand out, the more you’ll have people talking about you, your brand, and its products and services.

Here are our Hawaii company’s top 12 suggestions for promotional products for small businesses:

  • Who doesn’t need a good cup to drink out of today? Made in various sizes, colors, and patterns, selecting the product that best represents your brand is easy. You can include details about your company, its products, or services on the cup, making it a portable and reliable way to get the word out to others about your company.


  • Everyone carries around a set of keys. Even if they don’t drive or manage a workplace, they still have keys to their home. You can give them a dedicated place to store their keys without difficulty. The keychains that you order can be vibrant and easily recognizable. People will see them from a distance and often resolve the issue of losing their keyring.


  • Bottle Openers. If you’re a restaurant or bar that serves beer in bottles, this can be a very useful tool to guarantee customer loyalty. People love things that make their lives easier. That’s likely why they seek your company’s products and services in the first place. When you invest in promotional products that serve a purpose, people use them regularly, making them visible to other potential customers.


  • Another great option for restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and pubs. Coasters are inexpensive and make great souvenirs. If reusable, they’ll make a far greater impression on people. You can give them one with their fancy drink so they can take it home and display it where their family and friends can see it.


  • Among the best products that you can buy are hats. They’re fun, useful, and portable. You can give them to customers and employees. Branded hats are easy to spot and do all the advertising for you. They’re the type of high-quality item that people can’t wait to get their hands on.


  • T-Shirts. Like hats, shirts are excellent gift items for small businesses to consider. The products get customized with your logo and phone number. That way, people know how to locate you. It’s an option to give your staff, volunteers, and customers. Shirts get seen by many people, making them extra valuable as a marketing tool.


  • Everyone uses them. A nice pen is highly beneficial. People can use it to jot down phone numbers, sign documents, and even doodle while waiting for an appointment to begin. Promotional products like pens are excellent for use at job fairs and conventions. They’re small, lightweight, and easy to pack in a suitcase or carry-on bag.


  • If you have a phone number you want people to remember, include it on a magnet. It’s better than a business card which often gets lost or thrown away. A magnet has a prominent spot on a fridge or metal cabinet to be seen and referred to regularly.


  • Reusable Shopping Bags. Many states and retailers have banned plastic bags. You can help people with their sustainable journey by giving them a reusable shopping bag to carry with them while they shop. Your logo will be prominent enough that others take notice of it. Your products will have others asking where they can get a bag of their own.


  • Stress Relievers. Squishy and highly satisfying to squeeze, these promotional products are fun and practical. They’re excellent for office workers and medical personnel. You can put all sorts of information on them, making your promotional efforts stronger.


  • Water Bottles. Keeping plastic waste out of the ocean is easy when you invest in reusable water bottles with your branding on them. They make excellent gifts for employees. Reward new hires with a bottle with your log on it.


  • Drink Cozies. Insulated drink sleeves are affordable, lightweight, and easy to travel with from one place to another. You’ll love being able to give them out to the people that you meet.

As you can see, we offer a lot of variety with the items we sell. That means that you choose products based on your needs and budget. You’ll get a lot of bang for your buck from the items you choose to buy for your small business, too. Our promotional products are very versatile. They provide outstanding value by giving away things at many events and promotions.

If more than one item catches your eye, you can order it and have it on hand for future events. Being creative with your use of our products extends their value. When you have one promotional product that does a dozen things for you, it’s worth more to invest in today. The next section of this guide explains some of the most creative ways to put your products to good use right away.

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Pedersen & Associates is here to help you grow your small business with custom promotional products. We offer many different items to personalize and grow your marketing reach significantly. If you want some assistance finding the right product for your marketing goals, just give us a call today. We’d love to speak to you about our services and how we can help you stretch your marketing budget further this year.