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How To Get The Most Bang Out Of Your Brand Products | Honolulu

How To Get The Most Bang Out Of Your Brand Products | Honolulu

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Brand products are among the most effective investments a business has access to today. Completely customizable, they range in style, size, shape, color, and usage. If you want to take your brand from obscurity and put it into the spotlight, consider the value of promotional gifts bearing your logo, contact information, or slogan.

Learn more about brand products, their value, and ways to use them in your marketing campaigns by reading this guide in its entirety. By the time you’ve finished, you’ll know who to call and can list several reasons why you feel it’s the best decision for your brand.

Brand Products Extend Your Company Reach Exponentially

In a world full of companies competing for customers, it pays to think outside the box. Marketing is an essential part of your business strategy. Without it, it’s challenging to attract new customers. The competition is fierce, and personalized promotional items can introduce your brand to new customers and give you a leg up on the competition you need today.

Here is how to get the most bang out of your products from Honolulu:

  • Try to pick items that have multiple uses. You’ll get a lot more variety out of items such as cups because you can use them in many ways. From serving beverages to holding office supplies, a brand product with your logo on it is visible in front of many people. Think about it as a portable ‘billboard’ of sorts, advertising your products and services passively without any extra effort from you.


  • Showcase them on your social media accounts. Grab people’s interest in your brand products by showing them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Set up an online store for merch. Let your customers show their support for your brand by sporting apparel or using cups with your logo or emblem on them. You’ll make a profit and extend your marketing reach quickly. People will see your customers wearing and using your products and want to know more about your company.


  • Hold contests and give them as awards. Customers love a good challenge. Use the products that you order as prizes for the different contests that you host throughout the year. Make the brand products as enticing as possible to get more people to participate. The products that you choose make excellent prizes because they’re unavailable to the general public.


  • Recruit talented employees with enticing incentives. The products that you make can be specifically for job fairs and recruitment events. It’s a way to stand out as an employer to people looking for jobs. You’ll have access to some of the most talented men and women in your community because you decided to create promotional products bearing your company name or slogan.


  • Set up an employee recognition program. Award different prizes for each level completed by your workers. It gives them an incentive to keep improving. They won’t stop until they’ve gotten all the rewards you have to offer them. It’s a great way to engage your employees and make them feel seen and valued. Even if they’re working from a remote location, you can mail their reward to them.


  • Give gifts with purchase. When a customer buys products and services that cost a specific dollar amount, you can offer them products as a thank you gift. It’s an effective way to increase dollars per transaction. It also creates a sense of value where other companies fall short. When customers feel like they’re getting more than they paid for, they’ll give you their business loyally. They know they won’t get the same level of service at most of the places they shop.


  • Set up a referral program where customers can receive the brand products of their choice. Give the people that spend money with you a chance to share their experiences with the people that they know. A referral program earns you new customers for little investment. For the price of a few products, you’re able to take advantage of marketing that you don’t put any effort into. Your customers do the leg work, and you reward them for their efforts. They feel incredible because you took the time to recognize their loyalty with something they actually want and use.

Brand products are versatile. There are many uses for them that help extend your promotional efforts. Think about how your customers will benefit from the use of them the most. Then, offer a free gift as a goodwill gesture and introduction to your brand. It’s an excellent way to make a great first impression on a person and turn them into loyal fans of your brand.

What Some Brand Companies Do Differently Than Others

The best brand product companies are exceptional in their approach to customer service. They go out of their way to get to know their customers and their needs. They have a wide range of product offerings so that they’re able to appeal to more people at once. Why put in the effort if you can’t get the most bang for your buck?

Brand products take you out of cyberspace and sit you in people’s homes and workplaces. The promotional products that you give away are seen by dozens of people who can ask about your business and what it does. Word-of-mouth advertising helps new customers discover you based on the recommendation they’ve received from a family member, friend, neighbor, or co-worker.

When you give your business to a company that cares, something incredible happens. You develop a bond. You know who to contact when you have a special event coming up and need thousands of products created in a short window of time.

Choose Us for Your Brand Product Needs Today

Pedersen & Associates offers many brand products for you to choose from today. The Honolulu – based business ships nationwide. You can benefit from the inclusion of promotional items with your company’s logo, contact information, or slogan on them. Contact us by emailing info@rpahawaii.com or 808-845-9399 for a price quote.