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Employee Onboarding Offsite And Brand Products: How To Wow New Employees | Honolulu

Employee Onboarding Offsite And Brand Products: How To Wow New Employees | Honolulu

The work-from-home environment could be saving your company a fortune. Unfortunately, not being able to walk down the aisles in the building to greet new hires takes away some of the personalization and humanistic piece out of the onboarding process of new employees. Employees want to feel integrated with the company and appreciated right off the back. The standard, basic promotional brand products are outdated. Your employees want dynamic colors, artwork, and fonts. They want something usable. Start your onboarding kit to wow new employees with these simple brand products and ideas below.

Why Onboarding Kits for New Employees

Sure, new hires are grateful for the opportunity to work for your company. They are excited about this new opportunity for themselves. New hires have much to prove and many challenges to overcome. One of the key perks with being new is, all the cool swag their employer is about to offer them- and yes this includes brand products.

Show new hires that you are vested in them for the long term with an onboarding kit. It is a way to welcome them from their very first day on the job. Typically, an onboarding kit would be sitting on an employee’s desk when they arrive. Standard items such as pens, notebooks, desk calendars, and even a labeled mug may await them. But what to do for those employees who do not have an office to go into?

An onboarding kit with brand products may be the only physical connection your new employee has to your company. So, take care in the initial creation of this kit for them.

Recognize the Goal of Your Onboarding Kit

Is the goal of your onboarding kit to simply welcome the employees? Are you looking to build excitement, be warm and welcoming, or are you wanting them to hit the ground running with everything they may need? No matter what the goal or goals may be, it is important to keep them in mind and how they will use the brand products.

Choose the Right Brand Product

RPA Hawaii has a variety of categories from which to choose these amazing onboarding brand products. These products from our Honolulu company vary from writing instruments, bags, coasters, drinkware, calendars, planners, cell phone accessories, and more. You will want these onboarding items to be something they will use time and time again. Who does not like to have new, amazing swag?

Be Ready for Meetings

Most employees are going to start their day with a beverage, be it hot or cold. Having insulated drinkware will keep their beverages hot or cold, longer to withstand those morning and afternoon meetings. Our Café to Go mug and Conquest stainless steel tumblers are perfect options.

Work from Home Supplies with Your Company Brand Products Logo

What will make your employees comfortable in their new home office? How can you help them create a unique space that is affordable for you and exciting for them? Work from home supplies can vary but remember you want to ensure they are productive at home as well.

Pens are an excellent choice even working from home. Who does not love a good pen? Employees need to take notes, even if it is just doodling on paper. You can personalize a pen with your logo and up to five lines of text. This is another item that will be bound to leave with them and be used as an excellent promotional piece for your organization.

Planners are especially important for those with busy schedules at your job. Be it new hires in a long extensive training program or someone coming into management, they will need to plan out their day. Our Lexington planner is complete with 14 months’ worth of planning.

Remind Them of You On the Go

Your employees are at home, but they still are traveling around. For employees that on the go a cool swag bag or tote is a must. A few on the go bags of ours include:

  • reusable grocery bags
  • insulated grocery tote bag
  • tote bags with pockets

Customize these items with your company’s logo to stand out from typical bags.

Another on-the-go item would be our smartphone wallet. These sleeves connect to their phone and double as a wallet to hold important items such as credit cards, identification, key cards, and cash.

Another on-the-go item would be our hand sanitizer bottles. Our nifty little bottles are prefilled and meet FDA requirements. You can never have enough sanitizer while on the go. Do not forget, while they are out, they are building brand awareness for you as well.

Promote Employee Wellness

You want your employees to be healthy and happy. Promoting wellness can increase productivity by ensuring employees are ready and able to be at work. So, you may wonder, how can you promote this at home, especially through an onboarding process.

Water bottles are a necessity when it comes to employee wellness. Working from home does take away the “water cooler” conversations however you can keep them hydrated throughout the day with a bright bottle to keep reminding them to take their sips. A few options include our:

  • double-wall stainless steel vacuum bottle
  • excursion stainless steel bottle
  • full-color bottle

Above we mentioned bags and totes. A sports pack or zipper tote is perfect for employees who workout at a nearby gym in Honolulu. They can have all their gear packed and ready to go before or after work.

Remember, an onboarding kit should make your new employees smile and feel appreciated. The right brand products in an onboarding kit instill motivation and inspiration. All these gifts above and more on our site will show them you put some thought into welcoming them to the team.

Contact RPA Hawaii today to get started on your onboarding kit. We have a variety of brand products waiting for you to ship out for your new hires.

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