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Choosing Effective Promotional Products For Your Business | Hawaii

Choosing Effective Promotional Products For Your Business | Hawaii

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Your next promotional event is on the horizon. Promotional products that carry your business logo can be a tremendous asset, but how do you know what to choose? With so many options, which ones will do the most to support your company?

When deciding on what promotional products to invest in, there are a few basic factors to consider. The good news is, no matter what kind of business you own or what you are trying to accomplish, the selection today is varied enough for everyone to find the perfect promo items to expand your sales and get awareness for your brand.

Pick Items Your Customers Will Want

Take some time to consider who your target audience is. What kind of items would excite them and be useful on a regular basis? When you prepare to purchase your products, put yourself into your customers mindset for a while.

You should not get too focused on finding the cheapest items available. Many business owners make the mistake of prioritizing quantity of items over anything else. They think if they have more of anything, they have made the best deal.

The truth is your promotion is only as good as the products you choose. Going for the least expensive items won’t necessarily promote your message better. If you choose cheap pens and cups as a giveaway option, they will likely wear out before they have a chance to be seen much. On the other hand, opting for quality writing tools, caps, apparel, and drinkware gives your customers something they are going to be happy to carry wherever they go.

Additionally, the promotional products you choose for your business can say a lot about what you do. If you run a high-end restaurant, for example, you will probably want to find products that reflect your atmosphere and attitude. Research your options and go for quality and durability. The longer your promotional items are around, the longer they will remind people about your company.

Consider the Goal of Your Promotional Campaign

You need to be clear about what you want your items to do for your business. What are you trying to accomplish with your products? Focus on who the recipients will be. Are you running a campaign to bring new customers into your store or restaurant in Hawaii? Is the goal to raise the excitement of your employees? These events call for very different items, and they are only two of your many reasons to need promotional items. Make sure to define your expected results before investing in the wrong products.

Once you clarity your goal, you will find it much easier to choose the kind of products. It will also help you determine how much of each item to order, so you are sure to have enough without having to store the leftovers.

Determine Your Potential ROI

As stated earlier, the cheapest option is not always the best choice for your target audience. Consider what your return on investment (ROI) will be before committing to a promotional product. For example, you have a trade show coming up soon. You have to choose between two promotional pens. One is a disposable stick pen made as cheaply as possible. The other is made from high-quality materials with roughly twice the ink inside. While the first one might seem like the better option, consider how much longer the second option will be in use. With better printing and more ink, it will be used and seen for much longer. The longer your logo is out there, the more free advertising you are getting. That makes the second choice the wiser one for your company.

Choose Promotional Products that Will Get Seen

Whether you are planning for a tradeshow, store anniversary, or a cafe opening, the point of your promotional products is to get the word out about what you do. In order to do that effectively, you would me wise to invest in items that will get a lot of exposure. The more your customers display your logo, the more people will be introduced to your unique offerings.

Think about things your audience will take with them when they go out in public. Coffee shops and snack shops can see a higher return from products like thermal mugs, water bottles, and t-shirts than from items their crowd doesn’t use as often. Is your business focused more for children? Give them something fun to wear or to play with, and your message will spread quickly through the school and playground.

Take the time to make the connection to your specific customer core. Find a way to become a fun, helpful part of their daily lives and they will carry your message with them for all to see. That initial investment in promotional products can advertise your Hawaii business for many years to come.

Get the Items to the Right People

So, you have discovered what your target group would be thrilled to get. You have invested in quality products that will last longer and look better. Now it’s time to make sure you get your promotional products to the right audience.

If you are giving out items for a promotional event, you need to make sure they get into the right hands. You need your products to be seen by those most likely to need or want your services. Give your cups, caps, shirts, and pens to people who represent your core audience or are in direct contact with that target group. That will draw more customers into your business. Sure, your friends and family will want one. But make sure the bulk of your products are working in the most productive areas.

Learn from Your Feedback

Take the time to find out which of your promotional products are doing the most for your business. Ask your customers what they thought of your different promotional items and go from there. Save your money and forego the cheap stuff that sits in a storage unit forever. Learn what your customers liked and continue with those and other similar items.

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