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6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Business’ Promotional Products | Hawaii

6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Business’ Promotional Products | Hawaii

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Among the various ways available for boosting your brand’s visibility, promotional products stand out for having the ability to achieve far greater reach and keep your audience aware of your business. 

As with all branding techniques, there are some ways to make that return on your business’ investment even greater, allowing you to see increases in the measures that really matter for your business, especially revenue. 

In this article, we go into some of those ways, ensuring that the next time you use promotional products to drive sales for your Hawaii business, you’ll be aware of just what exactly makes them produce results. 

1. Before Ordering Promotional Products for Your Business

It’s best to consider the kind of items that will appeal to them most, more so those that they will naturally continue to use throughout their personal and professional lives, helping them to stay aware of your business. 

For example, a notebook may not be best for an IT company. But a flash drive or something more tech-related? That will likely be a winner as far as promotional products go. The trick, then, is to make sure you’re tailoring the product to something the people you’re trying to convert already use. 

One way you can do this is through the use of surveys or conducting a little research among your employees. Not only will that take out a ton of guesswork from your own end, but it will make it probable that you settle on a product that actually works to promote your business. 

If you get stuck here, remember that Pedersen & Associates LLC can help. Call us. 

2. Attach a Message That Resonates with Your Audience

One of the essential details about your branded products is how much information you put on them. You can have your logo there, along with some good, easy-on-the-eye design, a message and perhaps your address too. 

As soon as you’re done with deciding on all of those details, the next step is always to make sure that the message itself is something that can stick to your prospects’ minds. A simple and relatable message does just fine much of the time. 

Other things to bear in mind are making sure that your branding products are clearly communicating what you have to offer, the overall identity of your company and what potential customers can expect from you. 

Don’t rush through this part. Instead take your time to make sure that the product is a good medium for a message you’re putting across to your audience. 

Again, this is something we help with. 

3. Have Products That Stand Out

Since your results are proportional to the effort you invest in the products, you’ll want to make sure that you’re presenting your audience with something they can be proud of. This way, they’ll organically use the product over and over again, in different places, essentially becoming your walking billboards, as you intend. 

With some of your Hawaii competitors investing in their own promotional products campaigns, the need is ever greater to make sure your products have their own unique appeal. 

Creative designs on conference folders are a low-hanging-fruit option. Likewise, a mug with a short, pithy message or a pen with its own unique twist can all be very high-performing options. 

A good design is always the best way to attract eyes here, and the message on the product is what earns and maintains interests.

From our years of experience, we’ve gathered insights on what makes a product stand out while maintaining a strong brand-centered message. Call us and we’d be happy to share it with you. 

4. Make Sure You Order Enough 

Provided you’ve followed steps one through three, and your stand is starting to generate traction as people want to know more about your business and its products, you simply can’t afford to run out of promotional products. 

If you’re ordering branded products to give away at trade shows and similar functions, it’s always prudent to do a bit of research on the number of people who’ll be attending and how many of those you would want to walk away holding one of your branded products. 

The flip side is that ordering too many leaves you with having to worry about where to store the surplus. 

While you can’t find the exact, perfect number of products to order, you can get quite close to a number that helps you promote your brand while sparing you the inconvenience of having to deal with excess. 

5. Keep Existing Customers in the Fold

As much as getting new business is always a good aspiration, making sure the customers and clients you already have are well taken care of is just as crucial. That’s why, when thinking about promotional products, you should devote some thought to those pre-existing customers as well. 

However you do it — giving them the items when they come in, mailing the items to them — make sure that the customers you already have are included in the promotional product campaign. Having done business with you for a long time, they can also be your most vocal supporters when someone new develops an interest in your business from looking at the product. 

6. Be Creative About How You Use Them

Handing out your branding products at trade shows is simply one way of going about it. There are many others you can try, especially according to your business and the clients you have. 

You can integrate social media into the campaign for higher reach. For example, Hawaii customers can share stories to do with the area of business you’re in and the best among them win the products. 

Simply think about giving your products the widest reach, and some of the means available to you to do just that. 

Feel free to give us a call if this is something you’d need help with as you plan your campaign. 

Promotional products are some of the most effective tools you have for growing your business’ reach, attracting new customers and boosting customer loyalty. The six tips above show you how to get even more out of them. 

Ready to launch your own promotional products campaign and capture your target audience’s attention? Contact RPA Hawaii to get started.