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5 Tips For Making Your Personalized Cups Stand Out | Oahu

5 Tips For Making Your Personalized Cups Stand Out | Oahu

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Personalized cups are exceptional in every way. They’re attractive and long-lasting, which is something that people appreciate. The cups are the type of item that everyone needs and uses, too. More importantly, they’re portable and take your branding on the go.

If you’ve never purchased promotional products before but want to get started doing so today, there are some things you should know before placing your order. The customization process of the order is the most important. It allows you to make your cups stand out in a crowd. We’ve included five tips to get you started so that you can increase your marketing efforts and enjoy the fruits of your labor exponentially by driving sales to your business.

By the time you’ve finished reading what we’ve written, you’ll feel confident in your ability to order the right products from us time and time again. You’ll never be without excellent personalized cups to hand out at all your special events, either. People will come to know you and your cups very well. It’s a good thing when customers recognize your efforts and reward you by giving you their repeat business.

How to Personalize Your Cups In a Way That Others Notice

You must personalize your cups in ways that make you feel good about your efforts. That way, you’re more apt to hand them out. You feel better about giving them away to people who could help you win over new business. The personalized cups serve a purpose in driving traffic to your brick-and-mortar establishment and website.

Here are five ways to make the personalized cups that you ordered from our Oahu business stand out:

  • Through the use of color or pattern. Every detail that you put into your personalized cups matters. It helps tell your brand’s story and gets people interested in what you have to say to them. Something as simple as color has a psychological effect on people. For decades, advertisers have studied the relationship between color and specific emotions such as joy, sadness, fear, and anger. You can create a calming experience for your customers by choosing a cool color such as a blue or a green to create your projects out of today.


  • By making your logo the focal point. One of the things that set your company apart from others is its logo. It’s the one identifier that is 100 percent yours. From the image to the typography, you have something meaningful to say. Making your logo the focal point makes a lot of sense. It allows you to make the most of the situation in every way possible. You can easily take care of the task of marketing when you have a high-quality product to provide to everyone free of charge.


  • By adding meaningful text that informs the customer. What you include on the cups is as important as the cups themselves. You can easily increase interest in what you’re promoting by including details about your business, including its name, phone number, or website address. That way, if someone wants to reach out to you in the future. They can easily do so. It’s one of the many ways to transform your business from something that only locals know to a global brand. The more personalized cups you order and hand out, the better opportunities you have to sell to more people.


  • By providing people with a way to contact you in the future. You want to be reachable. After a person has met you or shopped your website for the first time, they may not remember your name or know how to reach you once again. You can do them a favor by providing them with a personalized cup that they use regularly. On the side of it are your logo and contact information. They won’t forget the impression you made on them with your users and valued gift. A cup is a way to keep people interested in your products and services long into the future.


  • By appealing to the customer’s senses and evoking an emotional response from them. The right message on a cup encourages people to buy from you. It gets them thinking about your products and services so you can easily benefit from their business. When a person feels like you’ve resolved one of their pain points, they’ll be more likely to exclusively give you all of their business. Marketing is all about making a person’s life easier. If you can convey that message to people through the promotional products that you hand out, you’ll never have problems attracting new customers to your business.

There are many ways to personalize the cups you order. It’s up to you to decide what type of message you want to communicate to the customer. There are many ways to get the word out about your business and the products and services it has to offer people. Using personalized cups effectively turns visitors to your office, storefront, or restaurant into paying customers.

Now that you’ve taken the time to become familiar with the personalization process as it takes place at our Oahu business, you’re one step closer to order your cups. You’ll have a very good feeling that what you did was ideal because of how people respond to your custom products. It’s an excellent way to increase interest in what you have to offer the public.

How We Can Be of Help to You Today

Petersen & Associates is the company in Oahu to contact with your request for personalized cups. After looking at our e-catalog of items, jot down the ones that interest you the most. Once you have them identified, let us know what we can do to help you personalize them.

Call 808-845-9399 with any questions you have about the ordering process. We’re here to make things easier for you to understand. We don’t mind explaining how ordering personalized cups works with us. That way, you know exactly what to expect from the interaction in the future.