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5 Clever Ways To Use Personalized Cups | Oahu

5 Clever Ways To Use Personalized Cups | Oahu

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Any company that is looking at personalized marketing should think about what type of promotional items they can use to promote their business. While people see and hear commercials, flyers, billboards, etc, items they can hold or keep in their home always make a bigger impact. When you hand out promotional items like personalized cups in Oahu, you put your business name and logo in their hands. Instead of just passing by a piece of promotional content, you continually get the chance to advertise to them.

Every single time they reach into their cupboard and browse past the personalized cup they will see your logo and tuck it away in their brain. Research shows the more exposed people are to a brand name or logo, the more likely they are to try it and/or call for service later. Maybe you provide a service that isn’t required all of the time, by getting your logo into their head your company will be the first to pop into their head when they do need the service. Building a brand identity is more than just acquiring a customer now, it is about building a customer base for later and personalized cups can help.

Still curious about how you can use personalized cups to help boost your brand profile? It’s easy if you get creative and use a few marketing opportunities to get them into the hands of your potential target audience. Cups are extremely cost-effective and can be used in various settings to spread the word about your business. Here are just a few of the many ways that you can use cups to make a splash at your next marketing event.

Pass Them Out at Trade Shows

One of the easiest ways to use personalized cups to represent your brand is to pass them out at trade shows. Trade shows usually feature a large number of networking partners and potential customers. You never know what someone browsing will be looking for, but if you can get a cup in their hands then you will be sending home your brand message with them. Conversations can be forgotten, but a cup they will drink out of repeated times will fuel brand recognition and memory. Plus, you never know what guests that person will have in their home which increases the scope of one simple cup. People are also more likely to grab a cup than they are to grab a pen or pencil and stand out more which makes them a more effective use of your promotional marketing funds.

Hand Out as Free Promotional Items at Local Fairs and Festivals

All of these concepts apply if you use cups as a promotional item to hand out at local Oahu fairs or festivals. Throughout the year there are dozens of local events all of which are great ways to familiarize local residents with your brand. If you are a tourist-based company, then local festivals and fairs are a great way to attract customers. Tourists love to check out the local flavor and are drawn to festivals, and they love free items they can take home with them. This makes personalized cups a great option because they will love what you have to offer, and later when sorting their stuff will be prompted to take a deeper look into your company. It is very likely they will google you further at which point if your website is optimized you will have a chance to close the sale.

Include in Goodie Bags for Customers

Personalized cups are also a great way to give a treat to current customers that will encourage them to become loyal repeat customers. Depending on what service or goods you provide, repeat customers may be the key to building your business size. A loyal customer is someone you don’t have to worry about converting, a customer that has been to your business is usually easier to convince to come back. Strengthen that connection by handing out goodie bags filled with goods they can use like cups with your business logo on them. Not only will this help your customer base feel valued, but it will also help you keep your brand name in their mind so next time they need to purchase more goods or use your service they will come back to your company first.

Donate to Charity Events

Charity events are a great opportunity to support local causes and help build your brand recognition. Sponsor a local event and donate some cups that can be handed out to participants and you will get a double marketing punch. Not only will you get positive exposure as a sponsor, but you will develop strong emotional connections with participants who will appreciate the support of your company. While these donations usually seem simple, to those who support the cause they are huge. With that in mind, it may be time to look around the area and see what your business is comfortable getting behind. Building a local connection with your community is one of the best ways to build a customer base.

Keep on the Counter at Your Checkout or Reception Areas

Finally, you may want to consider keeping some personalized cups in your checkout areas or reception areas. Encouraging customers to use and/or take home your cups is a brilliant way to spread the word about your business and place some branding in their homes without any effort. Simply order a few extra personalized cups next time you place a promotional order and stick them out.

If you are ready to purchase some personalized cups and start advertising your company around Oahu, contact RPA Hawaii to get your order started.