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10 Creative Uses For Personalized Cups | Oahu, Hawaii

10 Creative Uses For Personalized Cups | Oahu, Hawaii

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Are you looking for ways to take your business to the next level? Have past marketing efforts fallen flat? If the answer is “Yes,” now is the time to do something about it! Level up your branding attempts by investing in personalized cups. This is the perfect city to promote your business with a unique and memorable gift.

We created this short guide to inspire your creative marketing efforts. Using personalized cups to promote your business is ideal. Not only are they a valuable product to have on hand, but you can customize them in ways that help drive traffic to your website and profits to your pockets. The right message carries weight because it evokes feelings of joy, excitement, and relief.

Effective Branding Starts with Excellent Promotional Products

When trying to get the word out about your company fast, there are things you need to do. Bringing value to your customers’ lives is imperative. One way you can do just that is by giving them promotional items that they’ll use. Cups are fantastic because they serve a purpose and are easily seen by other people while in use by a current or prospective customer.

Here are ten creative uses for personalized cups in Oahu, Hawaii:

1. Work with the local Chamber of Commerce to include your cup in their new resident welcome basket.

It introduces your business to potential customers in a fun and memorable way. Whenever they pick up your personalized cup to drink out of, they’ll think about the generous gift you gave them. The local Chamber of Commerce will likely make many of these baskets, allowing you to use your supply of cups quickly.


2. Hand out a cup with a coffee packet, hot chocolate, or tea bag to customers on a holiday.

It’s a great way to say “Thank you” to the people that make your business a success. It also extends your customer reach by providing you with a portable advertisement with your logo or business name on it. People love consumables because they don’t take up space in their homes or offices and are thoroughly enjoyable.


3. Fill a cup with candy and see if your customers can guess how many pieces are inside it.

Award the winner the cup and a gift card to your business. It’s a wonderful way to make a long-lasting impression on a person. They get two gifts in one!


4. Present your Employee of the Month with a personalized cup of their own.

Give them something they’ll use and display. A cup will have a prominent location on their desk or in their home because of the reason behind the award. They’ll use it often because it reminds them of the achievement they accomplished.


5. Host a raffle at a job fair or conference where a cup and other promotional products are prizes.

Give away personalized cups to the winners. It’s a great way to get people excited and talking about your company and brand.


6. Thank your vendors for supplying you with what you need by giving them personalized cups featuring your business logo.

Make your gift be one that serves a purpose and is appreciated. It’s an excellent way for other vendors to become familiar with your brand, too. Your business logo or company name on a cup takes the place of a business card by making a great first impression on companies willing to work with you to supply you with what you need.


7. Offer a cup as a prize for customers who refer their friends and family to your business.

Referral programs are highly beneficial. They get people to talk about your company to friends and family who could potentially become customers of yours, too.


8. Provide cups to your employees as a way to discourage their dependence on one-time-use plastics.

It can be part of your company’s wide recycling efforts. You can lower your business’ carbon footprint dramatically by giving your employees a drinking cup that they can refill often.


9. Fill a cup with promotional pens or business cards for the booth you have at a conference or job fair.

It can hold other promotional items for you while you’re at events. It makes it easier for people to take a pen when they see that you have many items available for free.


10. Host a luncheon and place the personalized cups where your staff, vendors, or customers can use them.

Hosting an event can be a great opportunity to network. It’s also a chance to get a promotional product into the hands of the people who can use your products and services the most.

There isn’t a customer who doesn’t need a cup. They drink from them all the time, making the promotional item one with a lot of value. If you haven’t thought about what you’ll include on your personalized cups, don’t worry. We have a lot of ideas for you to consider when shopping our website. You’ll see suggestions for every custom product we sell.

We Get to Know Your Needs So We Can Satisfy Them Completely

Visit Pedersen & Associates today for your custom printing needs. We offer a wide range of products, including personalized cups for you to choose from immediately. As Oahu’s trusted source for promotional products, we know a thing or two about branding. Contact us today at 808-845-9399 with your request for a price quote. We’ll be sure to answer your questions and provide you with plenty of suggestions for making the most out of the products that you buy from us.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. We at RPA Hawaii go above and beyond to ensure that every order of personalized cups is perfect for the occasion you’re giving them away. We quality check all of our products so that they look incredible once they arrive at your doorstep. All you’ll need to do is determine how you’ll hand out the cups and who you’ll give them to in the future.